Who Has Time For Publishing’s Long Tail?

The Next Chapter: Who Has Time For Publishing’s Long Tail?

9.24.2014 | The Next Chapter is the premier international conference on digital book publishing in Scandinavia. The event with the title “Spread the word”, held in Gothenburg on Wed. 24th focussed on data strategy and data-driven analyses  for publishers.

…. The wealthiest person in the world cannot consume all available books, even if he or she owns them all. Simply for a question of time, not money. Book reading is not like music consumption. Listening to music does not strictly require you to stop doing many things. You can drive, do housecleaning, dance, work, even read or write a book. But when you read a book, you invest your time and forgo other activities…

This is a quote from the speech that All Brain’s founder gave today when he addressed the third and final conference in The Next Chapter series ingeniously curated by Publit’s Jonas Lennermo. The entire speech has been covered by Porter Anderson in the article below.

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