All Brain presents at The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter: Spread the word

9.22.2014 | In order to better understand the vast and ever-expanding world of online content, new skills are  becoming very important. Speaking the native language of web is  fundamental. This language is a fact-based one. It is a language of numbers with its own grammar, punctuation and poetry. And it is data that makes letters searchable as well as discoverable.

The Next Chapter is the premier international conference on digital book publishing in Scandinavia. The forthcoming event with the title “Spread the word”, is focussed on data strategy and data-driven analyses  for publishers.

All Brain‘s founder and managing partner, Marcello Vena, will present a novel framework and fact-based analysis that leads to renconsider and put in a more realistic perspective the long-standing and very popular theory of the Long Tail.

The Next Chapter Conference takes place in Gothenburg on September 24th, the day before the grand opening of the 30th edition of Gothenburg Book Fair.

This year, the main theme at Gothenburg Book Fair will be Brazilian literature. September 25–28, 2014, visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in the rich and exciting literature and culture of a country currently enjoying an era of flourishing cultural growth with many brasilian writers su as: Vanessa Bárbara, Bruna Beber, Jô Bilac, Paulo Henriques Britto, Andréa Del FuegoDaniel Galera,  Rogéria Gomes, Otávio Junior, Michel LaubAna Martins Marques, Roger Mello, Daniel Munduruku,Alice Sant’Anna and Sergio Saboya.


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