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Forging Growth and Partnership

All startups expect to be successful, and it is the clients and partners that can make the difference. Any startup requires an initial partner or client to get going and this can drive the initial success that can then attract additional partners/clients to consolidate the process. But, a good product or service and a talented team are often not enough to create this virtuous cycle. An appropriate growth strategy and effective execution need to be put in place and technology can be a distinctive and determining factor, but without adequate business planning it is difficult to achieve the necessary traction.

flecha “Forging Growth and Partnership” helps mid-late stage startups to search for, identify and exploit potential for growth by developing adequate and coherent company/product/service development and go-to-market strategies, also through leveraging an extensive network of relations across many different industries and sectors.

There are a multitude of hidden opportunities for the acute observer. Regularly seizing opportunities, or leaving them up for grabs to others, can be a question of mere survival in the medium term.

Fund Raising Support

Cash is king and partnerships are golden. Obviously a lack of funds is the #1 reason for the failure of startups. Often, this depends companies’ inability to attract the right investors in time. Managing the growth of a startup, also through a series of fund raising activities, is hard for non-serial entrepreneurs. It takes several startup experiences to become an effective and proficient fund raiser, because fund raising is not just about attracting money at the right time, but also attracting the right investors with the right perspectives, competences and networks.

flecha “Fund Raising Support” helps mid-late stage startups to search for, identify and negotiate new funds from VC and industrial investors. Startup entrepreneurs can benefit from All Brain’s dedicated services that include: outside-in startup analysis, fund raising strategy, startup positioning, unique selling proposition to investors, terms negotiation support and, obviously, networking. Timing is much more important than speed.

In a highly competitive VC market with a demand for funding that overwhelms the offer, an entrepreneur, if he’s lucky, will only ever have one chance to make a positive first impression on a potential investor interested in her/his venture. Fund raising is a unique skill than can be in-sourced from us.