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Opportunity Scouting

There is a vast number of make/partner/buy options that can facilitate the acquisition of new perspectives that are pivotal for success in a business environment where change is the only constant.

flecha “Opportunity Scouting” helps organisations to search for, find and exploit internal and external potential for growth by leveraging an extensive network of relations across many different industries and sectors and involving and engaging them in the most appropriate ways.

There are a multitude of hidden opportunities for the acute observer. Regularly seizing opportunities, or leaving them up for grabs to others, can make a real competitive difference in the long run.

Strategic Advisory

The digital revolution has made starting, running, transacting companies easier for everybody. The number of potential opportunities in the digital space rises in inverse proportion to their quality. This means that it is getting harder and harder to identify great deals. Business fundamentals, track records and management teams are important, but they are not enough to determine an opportunity and its size/scope.

flecha “Strategic Advisory” helps Private Equity and Venture Capital firms (as well as industrial investors) to adequately assess the market and the target company in buying or selling transactions. It also provides best-in-class support during due diligence activities, for as-is, to-be analyses and alternative scenario planning, from both a financial and industrial perspective.

You can’t negotiate the right conditions for entering a deal – on either side of the table – if you don’t have a compete picture of the object and the market of the potential transaction and what the best alternatives might be without such a deal.

On-demand Executive Leadership

Forging the future requires a special kind of leadership that includes an ability to make things happen, drive change, discard and re-imagine until success is achieved. While failure is a natural part experience, organisations are not always well equipped to manage failure while forging the future. Experienced pioneers can help avoid damaging failures and identify alternative opportunities for the future, while leaving the internal team to manage the legacy business as usual.

flecha “On-demand Executive Leadership” gives Private Equity/Venture Capital portfolio companies access to highly qualified entrepreneurial leaders who can take them on new and challenging journeys to places they have never been before or previously saw as unreachable. In the end, execution is everything, especially when forging your own future.

Sailing uncharted waters in search of new lands is a challenge more suitable for self-driven pioneers than corporate managers. It is not a coincidence that boat owners, keen to win a highly prestigious and demanding regatta, always hire – for a limited period and precise aim – an external skipper for their boat and crew.