Forging Your Future

All Brain

All Brain is the world’s first on-demand leadership service for senior executives across the entire value chain of the media industry. With a single focus on exploring, inventing, delivering and rolling out successful businesses, All Brain aims to forge the future of all interested stakeholders: key media and publishing groups, as well as leading retailers, authors and agents.

All Brain is built on the leadership, vision, wisdom, creativity, knowledge, competences, experience, network, brainpower and reactivity of its founder Marcello Vena, who, in a career of almost 20 years, has dealt with successful pioneering new businesses around the globe. 
All Brain is characterised by a unique entrepreneurial holistic approach to consulting that not only provides its clients with an outstanding forward-looking vision and strategy, but also with measurable world-class results.

Even the very best strategy is useless if it can’t be properly implemented in a specific organisational and market context. Aiming at the future by leveraging digital technologies or innovation paradigms is not enough; it is leadership that makes the difference. While business innovation and digital opportunities are clearly key enablers for future business, any significant business needs to have much more than that. Tradition and legacy assets should not be underestimated, as very often they form the essential foundation of a successful organisation. The same is true for regulatory frameworks, as well as other determining factors and trends (e.g. the market, technology, geopolitics, etc.) that are usually beyond the control of any single organisation.

We envision a new corporate role: the Chief Future Officer – built on the roles of Chief Digital Officer and Chief Innovation Officer – with broader general management and operational responsibilities in order to effectively deliver the future. 
But it will be a long journey, as Chief Future Officers and their concomitant organisational structures can hardly be created overnight.

In the meanwhile, All Brain proposes to be the best available alternative to a Chief Future Officer. And, later, All Brain can become an ideal complement and ally. 

 All Brain’s specific mission is to forge clients’ own future, from idea generation to final business delivery and on-going, post-launch support in the running of a new business. The future can’t be predicted, but it can be invented and delivered.

To forge the future, leadership matters more than management.