Marcello Vena

Marcello Vena - Founder and Managing Partner All Brain

Marcello Vena, Founder and Managing Partner

Marcello Vena is the founder and managing partner of All Brain, the world’s first on-demand leadership service for senior executives across the entire value chain of the media industry. Its single focus is on exploring, inventing, delivering and rolling out successful businesses, with a view to forging the future of all interested stakeholders:key media and publishing groups, as well as leading retailers, authors and agents. Previously Marcello Vena founded from scratch and managed the entire digital trade book business of the RCS Mediagroup, one of Europe’s largest publishers and the owner of prestigious publishing houses such as Rizzoli, Bompiani and Fabbri Editori. Before entering the publishing industry in 2010, he worked on innovating product, service, process and organisations in a range of industries, including: aerospace, semiconductors, internet, pharma & biotech, home appliances, apparel and logistics. He has almost 20 years of business innovation experience across three continents (Europe, the US & Asia), encompassing the roles of designer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, management consultant, negotiator and general manager. Marcello Vena is one of only 80 Italian nationals to hold an MBA degree, with Dean’s List Distinction, from INSEAD (France, Singapore). He also graduated, cum laude, in Electronic Engineering from the University of Palermo (Italy). He speaks all of the five main Western European languages, which together make up the native languages of about 1 billion people around the world. He is also a renowned speaker at international publishing events (New York, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Toulouse, Milan, Gothenburg).


Years of forging the future


Languages spoken


Master degrees: MBA and MSEE


Industry verticals (media, management consulting, apparel, pharma/health care, logistics, information techonology, venture capital, home appliances, semiconductors, aerospace)


Years to grow a digital publishing business from scratch to match traditional publishing profitability


Days of negotiation with blue chip companies