Frankfurt Book Fair: Is Publishing all about sales?

Frankfurt Book Fair: Is Publishing all about sales?

Is Publishing all about Sales?

10.01.2014 | Today, our younger talent in the publishing-house workforce arrives for work much as has happened for decades: with literature, a love of books, a desire to work with authors and readers, as their key motivation. But in an age of corporate ownership and powerful revenue-related impact on the business, these newer staff leaders can find their inspiration running right into the commercial realities of a richly competitive marketplace. Even authors are taught to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, and one of the most common complaints you hear is that marketing departments are choosing the books.

At the Frankfurt Book FairAll Brain‘s founder and managing partner Marcello Vena, has been invited to teach to the Master Class of the newly born fair’s Business Club .

He is going to show what are the organizational challenges and the new trends in large trade publishing houses. The future has never been so rich of opportunities for the publishing industry. To see them one might need brand-new lens, as the current ones are bound to become sooner or later obsolete.

In the Master Class, a 90min highly interactive seminar, together with Marcello Vena other two industry thought leaders are being involved:

  • Porter Anderson – Journalist, Speaker and Consultant specializing in book publishing and its digital disruption
  • Orna Ross – Author-Publisher, one of the 100 most influential people in publishing (The Bookseller, 2013)

The Master Class is held in English language and takes place on October 11th from 11.30am till 1.00pm in Hall 4.0, Europa.

The entry is free, upon email registration (mailto Mathilde Sommain:

All the speakers, all the topics discussed at the FrankfurtBook Fair’s Business Club are available for download in  handy PDF

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