The book market in Italy. Trends, Opportunities and Forecast 2014-2016

The book market in Italy. Trends, Opportunities and Forecast 2014-2016

The trade book market in Italy. Data and market trends 2014. Forecast for 2015 and 2016.

All Brain’s market research report on Italy has been presented for the first time in New York City on January 15th 2015 during the Digital Book World Conference 2015 (DBW 2015).

The study led by All Brain entails the following highlights and best estimates for the book market in Italy:

  • 2014
    • 87 millions pbooks sold (87% offline, 13% online) for a total consumer market value of Eur 1,1 billions.
      • The main trade channel in constituted by the bookshop chains that amounts to 41% of overall sales by value
      • Online sales (eCommerce) constitute the smallest channel, but also the only one that grows (+8% vs. 2013)
    • 7 millions ebook sold for a total consumer market value between Eur 39-44mln (Eur 42 millions is the expected avg. value)
      • The ebook share on the overall book market is about 3.8% by value and about 7.4% by volume. Avg. ebook price about the half of avg. pbook’s price  (Eur 12)
      • The leading retail is Kindle with some 50% market share, followed by  Kobo and iBookstore, respectively with 20% and 14%.
  • 2015 (forecast)
    • Pbook market substantially stable, oscillating in the range between -1.5% and +1.5%.
      • Online sales above Eur 150 millions. eCommerce expected to overtake the large scale retail channel.
    • Ebook market growing at an expected rate of 30% to 40% and approaching a total value close to Eur 60millions
      • Ebook share on overall book sales: approx. 5% by value and  approx. 10% by volume
  • Digital Demography
    • 58% of Italian adult (15+) population accesses Internet (42% doesn’t get online even once in a year)
      • Of these, only 34% makes at least an online purchase in a year
      • 27% of online shoppers buy books online (p and e-books)
    • Italian internauts that buy books online are approx. 2.8 millions (about 5% of entire adult population, 15+)
  • By 2016 20-25% of all trade books (p- and e-books) will be purchased online

The detailed market report is freely downloadable in pdf format: just click below. For more details and info please use the contact form.

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