Weighing Android and iOS in the ebook ecosystem

Weighing Android and iOS in the ebook ecosystem

First published on www.digitalbookworld.com

02.24.2015 |  What does the Android iOS race mean for ebook publishers trying to calibrate their content and marketing strategies for the ever more global mobile market? Digital Book World sat down for a roundtable conversation with Marcello Vena, Managing Partner at All Brain, and Thad McIlroy, author of the new report, Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishers, to weigh those issues.

DBW: Android’s position in the ebook ecosystem is in some ways more difficult to measure, both in its own right and in relation to Apple. Where does that leave publishers and ebook distributors?

Marcello Vena (MV): In many ways it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison. Android isn’t a market but rather an open-source operating system (OS) used by dozens of device manufacturers in hundreds of smartphones and tablets (there are more than 10,000 different kinds of Android-connected devices worldwide), while iOS is a proprietary OS owned by one brand and used in just a handful of devices in standard sizes, mainly iPhones and iPads. Aside from the major retailers, few have a viable, large-scale ebook monetization solution for the fragmented mess of Android in the short- or mid-terms…

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