All Brain – The world's first on-demand leadership service

The world first on-demand leadership service in the media industry starts global operations in September 2014

Innovation veteran and former RCS Mediagroup executive Marcello Vena launches a brand-new consulting service for C-level executives. It’s the world first offer of on-demand leadership to forge the future of the media industry.

MILAN—July 31st 2014.  All Brain is the world’s first on-demand leadership service for top executives across the entire values chain of the media industry. Its only focus is on exploring, inventing, delivering and executing successful businesses looking to forge the future of any interested stakeholder: key media and publishing groups, as well as key retailers, authors and agents. Aiming at the future by leveraging digital technologies or innovation paradigms isn’t enough. Business innovation and digital opportunities clearly are key enablers for future business. However any significant media business is much more than that. Traditional competitive assets, competences and relations ought not to be underestimated, as they very often are the essential foundation of a successful organization also in the future. The same goes for legal frameworks and other significant external factors and trends (i.e. technology, macro-economy, geopolitics, etc.) beyond the control of any single organisation. All Brain features a unique entrepreneurial holistic approach to consulting that does not only provide with an outstanding forward looking vision and strategy, but also with best-in-class tangible results. Even the best strategy is useless if it can’t be properly executed in a specific organisational and overall industry context. To forge the future, hands-on leadership matters more than management. All Brain is a venture of Marcello Vena, a media industry expert and business innovator with 17+ years of successful experience across three continents (Europe, US & Asia), encompassing the roles of designer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, management consultant, negotiator and general manager. He has recently left RCS Mediagroup (Italy), where he had founded from scratch and managed the entire digital trade book business that included prestigious publishing houses such as Rizzoli, Bompiani and Fabbri Editori. All Brain’s operations are expected to start in September 2014. Today the first public beta-version of its website is available: All Brain will be present at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014 and one-to-one meeting can be requested now under