PUBLISHERS FORUM 2015 – Know Your Customer and Don‘t Be Afraid

PUBLISHERS FORUM 2015 – Know Your Customer and Don‘t Be Afraid

Know Your Customer and Don‘t Be Afraid.

How to Reconstruct Publishing: Competing Visions, Channels and Audiences.

25.04.2015 | With the transformation of the publishing industry in full swing, the goalof the Publishers Forum 2015 in Berlin is to identify exemplary perspectives and topics and illuminate the junction where strategic visions meet practical challenges and opportunities. Due to the fragmentation of the market, the debate will necessarily revolve around multiple key topics and driving forces, not just a single, central issue. And yet we have to find practical angles to make the discussions meaningful, by showcasing how overall change impacts on decision-making processes in management.

At the Publishers Forum 2015 , All Brain‘s founder and managing partner Marcello Vena, will take part to an executive panel debate on How Digital and the Perspective on Readers and Consumers is Changing the Book Business  together with:

  • Jim Hydock, VP and Practice Leader at Outsell (USA)
  • Constance Landsberg, CEO at Skoobe (GER)
  • Matt Turner, CTO Media and Publishing at MarkLogic (USA)

Thought provoking and intellectually challenging, Marcello Vena will engage the audience on the forthcoming  opportunities and the challenges related to Social Business Intelligence from an holistic  perspective, not limited to marketing but including all key functions of a modern publishing house. Content is still king and listening to readers after the book is published is simply too late.

The panel takes place on April 27th from 11.45 am till 1.00pm in the Sofitel Berlin (Kurfürstendamm, Augsburger Str. 41 10789 Berlin). The Publishers Forum 2015 opens at 9.00 am on April 27th and closes at 5pm on April 28th.

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